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My New Ride

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GT4 - 4WD - Celica Turbo 4WD Carlos Sainz

In developing this latest version of the Celica GT-Four, Toyota set out to provide Toyota Team Europe (TTE) and its leading drivers, Carlos Sainz and Markku Alen, with reliable and ultra-competitive machinery with which to contest the 1992 World Rally Championship. The previous GT-Four rally car had already set the highest standards, winning five championship rallies last year and five more in 1990, the year in which Spaniard Carlos Sainz lifted the World Championship.

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In homologating the Celica Turbo 4WD Carlos Sainz for international rally competition, Toyota had to produce 5000 examples of which 3000 have been allocated to Europe and of these, only 440 are available in the UK.
The car obviously had to be relatively easy to convert into an effective rally machine, capable of winning in the snow and ice of Europe as well as the heat, dust and mud of Australia, Argentina and Kenya. Considerable attention was therefore paid to keeping the engine and turbocharger cool as well as to the suspension.
But for the road-going version of this already successful rally car, great comfort, practicality and easy driveability were top priorities as well as performance.
The Turbo 4WD Carlos Sainz is instantly recognisable from its redesigned front bumper and air dam which not only looks very purposeful, but also allows adequate cooling air to reach the water and oil radiators. Front fog lights (standard on the GT-Four) are not fitted. The bonnet is also a new body pressing with a small air inlet specifically to cool the engine timing belt and three separate air outlet ducts designed to evacuate hot air from the engine compartment. At the rear, the bumper has also been redesigned to reduce weight and there are small change to the rear light clusters.
The 3S-GTE 2.0-litre engine with 16 valves and twin overhead camshafts is largely unchanged, but the turbocharger now features a water (instead of air) cooled intercooler increasing power from 201 to 205 bhp at 6000 rpm. To improve heat dissipation in the valve area next to the valve seat, the 3S-GTE cylinder head uses the world's first laser-clad seats. Welded by laser beam, the one-piece structure allows heat to dissipate more evenly. Although peak torque remains the same at 203 lb ft, the characteristics have changed to give a much flatter torque curve for even better mid-range performance. As a further aid to engine cooling, the electronic radiator fan power has been increased from 120 watts to 160 watts.
Underneath, the oil sump protector has been redesigned to save more weight and is now welded to the chassis centre member. In a further effort to reduce weight, the exhaust system is not fitted with a dynamic damper and the rear exhaust silencer has been changed to reduce pressure loss and add a sportier exhaust note. Noise, vibration and harshness have been reduced though, by fitting a dynamic damper to the central prop shaft of the four wheel drive transmission system.
To make for even quicker gear changes, the clutch stroke has been reduced from 145 mm to 125 mm and the gear lever throw has been reduced from 68 mm to 55 mm.
The Celica GT-Four already has a fine reputation for stability, exceptional grip and outstanding handling but, for the Carlos Sainz version, the suspension came under renewed scrutiny. MacPherson struts are retained front and rear but the dampers are new and reduce friction. At the front, Vorlauf geometry is used, the kingpin offset is reduced and the lower L arms are anchored to a front chassis member for greater rigidity. There is now greater negative camber at the rear and the dampers include valves which allow them to effectively damp even very low velocity wheel shocks. Straight line stability, cornering and handling characteristics are all improved by these apparently small but important changes.
Elsewhere, the rigidity of the steering column has been increased with a new rubber coupling on the intermediate shaft. The centre differential of the 4WD transmission now incorporates a viscous coupling, and a torque sensing (Torsen) LSD continues to be used at the rear. This LSD consists of two worm gears and six worm gears with spur gears on them. These use gear friction to create bias and, with a higher bias than conventional LSDs, the time lag is shorter. Not only does the Torsen differential split torque left and right, but it makes it possible for accomplished drivers to control the torque split with adroit use of the accelerator.
Further improvements to the transmission include triple cone synchro on second gear and double cone synchro on third for improved durability and ease of shifting. Inside, the Celica Turbo 4WD Carlos Sainz is identified by a special numbered plaque on the centre console bearing Sainz's signature. The steering wheel has a thicker leather cover, and the shorter throw gear lever and knob are a new design. New cloth trim is practical as well as sporty, and a coin slot on the console is convenient for loose change.
Like the Celica GT-Four, the Carlos Sainz version has the kind of luxury features a rally driver would love to have. Air conditioning, and electric sunroof, electric windows and central locking are all there along with a six-speaker RDS stereo radio and cassette system. The steering wheel is tilt adjustable and steering is power assisted. A three-way catalytic converter is standard.

Tuesday, 16-May-2006 05:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
4316, my baby had accident by me.

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Tuesday 16.05.2006. Morning around 9am plus, while on the way from serdang, pasar borong toward Cyber jaya...

Before the accident place, saw someone had an accident and stopped at the roadside. I was thinking, it will not happen to me for sure. You will never know what's gonna happen the next.

i was driving around 50km/h more and less, existing the Conner from serdang toward cyber jaya, and out of sudden, my car understaer and hit on the divider... till now, i'm still wondering what the hack happened and what make my car understear.. Then lost control and bang the shit ass divider....

After the incident happened, i stop at roadside and wasted bout 15min time, called my colleague to apply emergency leave... and Dennis, which my colleague, pass by and saw me. Stopped and help to pull the fender out to avoid tyre being cut by the fender.

Dennis went off after helping me, cause I’ve to drive my car to workshop to fix it before handling it over to new owner.... this the hardest part in my live.. Days before my car hand over, accident happened. Shit what the hack i'm doing.

Anyway, reached workshop and get the quotation, the whole fender, RM 120, the whole door, RM 120, head light change to local standard head light, not sure yet, fixing panel, back side of the car and re-paint. Estimated around 1k more and less, which high possible to be more then 1k

Well, just have to give some time to fix up the whole car and hand over after all this has been fixed up.
Sad case.

Head lamp = 100 estimated
Fender = 120
Door = 120
Repair on body = estimated 300
Paint job = 500 ?

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KSC Go Kart


Friday, 28-Apr-2006 16:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Thursday, 27-Apr-2006 07:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
today special

12" only
what else ?
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guess who will own this ?


bought today and sending it to re-warp tomorrow.. hopefully its on time.

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